Setting the Standard

For Central Concrete, sustainable mix design is “business as usual”. While most producers respond to sustainability piecemeal – and just for jobs that demand it – at Central Concrete every single mix carries a verified EPD and each mix design includes sustainability as a standard performance metric, just like PSI or slump.

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Low Carbon Mixes with SCMs

More than a decade ago, our parent company, U.S. Concrete, pioneered the technology process that led to the reduction of cement in our products. We accomplish this through the use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), such as fly ash and slag, to partially replace the cement content in standard concrete mixes – ultimately improving the concrete’s properties and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Adoption of CarbonCure Technology

By partnering with CarbonCure, Central Concrete recycles the waste COas a fresh concrete ingredient. This allows the cement content of the mix to be reduced without sacrificing compressive strength, while also reducing the overall carbon footprint and global warming potential (GWP).

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Recycled Concrete Aggregates

By recycling concrete material into aggregates, we reduce the need to harvest natural resources and provide an excellent source to be used in new concrete. As a result, owners have an opportunity to achieve LEED credits for post- or pre- construction material.

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Returned Fresh Concrete

Central Concrete and Right Away Redy Mix reuse our returned, fresh (“plastic”) concrete, thereby reducing waste, improving job site productivity, and extending producer responsibility & material reuse for LEED benefits, while achieving outstanding performance.

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Concrete Pavements and Parking Lots

There is a tremendous demand to design more sustainable solutions. Today, businesses are turning to sustainable concrete pavements and concrete parking lots, along with traditional applications such as driveways, playgrounds, runways, highways and streets, to achieve these goals.

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Sustainable Operations

Sustainability is the foundation of who we are as a company. U.S. Concrete’s family of companies comprises the first concrete companies in the nation to formalize a company-wide commitment to sustainable construction. Through our Low CO2 mixes and sustainability strategies, we have considerably mitigated the environmental impact of our production processes. We constantly strive to improve, implement and embrace operational practices that are responsive to growing environmental challenges.

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Quick Links

Spec Guide: Capturing the Value of Low Carbon Mixes

To assist design teams in specifying the optimal performance-based mix, Central Concrete has created this Spec Guide to assist in finding the best solution that maintains or achieves higher levels of strength, durability and workability while significantly lowering the carbon footprint of the mix.

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Blueprint for Zero Emission Concrete Logistics

Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc. (Central Concrete), in partnership with Arup and Build Momentum, Inc. (Momentum), is publishing its Blueprint for Zero Emission Concrete Logistics for public access. The Blueprint for Zero Emission Concrete Logistics plans a transition for Central Concrete’s fleet of concrete mixer trucks to Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) and light- and medium-duty vehicles to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). 


Central Concrete Honored for Environmental Leadership and Innovation

One of the most prestigious recognition programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, led by Acterra, awarded Central Concrete the 2020 Spare the Air Leadership Award. Central Concrete was recognized for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from construction projects, while reducing and recycling waste and wastewater, through their sustainable mix designs and sustainable practices.

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