About Us

The Central Concrete Difference

Central Concrete, a U.S. Concrete Company, has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 70 years. During this time, we have made investments in products, people, equipment and tools to achieve one goal: to build a business focused on your success.

Higher Performing Concrete. Lower Carbon Footprint

Central Concrete has the greatest experience in designing and delivering higher performing concrete, while significantly lowering the carbon footprint with its low carbon mixes. These smart carbon mixes are not only a powerful ingredient in transforming the built environment and reducing the project’s carbon footprint, but our mixes are recognized for their superior performance.

Technical Collaboration

To achieve these high standards of performance, Central Concrete’s Quality Assurance Lab goes beyond conventional concrete suppliers, collaborating with owners, architects, structural engineers and contractors to evaluate project requirements and identify solutions that match each client’s unique strength requirements, environment standards, and constructability and schedule demands. These solutions are the carefully developed and tested in Central Concrete’s Quality Assurance Lab. Central Concrete also houses U.S. Concrete’s National Research Laboratory. The Laboratory, through its groundbreaking research, has significantly advanced the performance of concrete and driven the creation of many innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Strategic Investments

Central Concrete is continuously making investments in its plants and fleet to maintain state-of-the-art operations and yield optimal efficiencies. In addition, Central Concrete continues to make significant investments in new products and sustainability. Recent investments include an investment in CarbonCure, a technology that recycles CO2 to reduce the carbon footprint of our mix designs, while maintaining compressive strength and the acquisition of Polaris Materials, by our parent company, U.S. Concrete. This secures access to the highest quality aggregates enabling us to further reduce Portland cement content while maintaining performance.

Largest Capacity

Central Concrete offers the largest capacity and depth of coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only do we service you out of 11 fixed locations, with multiple plants at many of these locations, but Central Concrete can further increase its capacity by partnering with its sister company, Right Away Ready Mix. Right Away operates out of five locations in the East Bay.

In addition, Central can set up an on-site batch plant for your projects. These on-site plants provide a steady supply of concrete exclusively for your job, optimizing your productivity. 

Project Managers

Central Concrete is recognized for establishing a Project Management structure, delivering the highest level of personalized service by region. Chartered with “keeping your project on goal”, our Project Managers offer many services, including pre-construction meeting participation to assure agreement on requirements, technical support and quality control, project scheduling.

Productivity Tools

We believe that in today’s time drive business you deserve real-time field data. To achieve this, we have invested in these robust tools: (1) A concrete deliver management tool that puts live pour progress and truck status, along with ordering and updating at your fingertips. (2) All our trucks are equipped with a management tool, measuring and recording such things as slump, temperature, and revolutions so that concrete arrives on-site ready to unload (3) wireless sensors, called SmartConcrete™, that contractors install on thee rebar and then monitor real-time strength and temperature results on an app for quick decision-making during the curing process.

Concrete Material Supplies

We offer more than 3,000 products critical for your concrete placement through Westside Concrete Concrete Materials, a member of the Central Concrete family. Available from 5 convenient locations, products include lumber, rebar, ADA products, bag products (concrete and grout), color and stains, sealers and cures, power tools and hand tools, rentals (such as concrete stamps), waterproofing and vapor barriers, void Styrofoam and expansion joints, and safety supplies.